NAPA Proformer™

  • Quality tested formulas for safe and reliable operation
  • One (1) year warranty





NAPA Proformer™

Everyone expects their replacement brakes to be safe and reliable no matter what make or age of their vehicle.  NAPA Proformer™ is that disc brake pad of choice for jobs requiring a good quality brake repair at a reasonable price, not only for older applications, but many late model applications as well.

Good Quality - Good Value

NAPA Proformer™ disc brake pads include all the features and benefits you expect from NAPA Brakes and are manufactured with value in mind.

Good Choice for You and Your Customers

Proformer is NAPA's most competitively priced disc brake pad and stacks up against many competitive "premium" brands.  NAPA Proformer's coverage, together with its proven performance and pricing, make NAPA Proformer™ pads the best possible choice for the price-consicious consumer.

Designed for Everyday Braking

NAPA Proformer™ disc brake pads are designed for older applications, and many late-model cars and light-duty trucks.  They offer the same features and benefits as many of the "premium" brands:

1.  OE style shims, slots and chamfers

NAPA Proformer™ Pads engineered with OE style features and proven performance.

2.  Quality Tested Formulations

Every formulation is tested for safe and reliable operation.