NAPA Ultra Premium™

  • OE performance without dealership prices
  • Exact OE noise dampening characteristics
  • Noise-free guarantee


  • Industry-leading safety and quality testing
  • Specialty materials for towing, fleet and other demanding applications
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
NAPA Ultra Premium™

 NAPA Ultra Premium™ disc brake pads are the ideal choice for keeping vehicle braking systems in like-new condition, even under the harshest conditions.  They are diligently engineered and tested to ensure that they provide an exact match and performance to original equipment in every discernible way.  Every set delivers superior performance, because each one is engineered to suit a specific application and use.

What Makes it Best

NAPA Ultra Premium™ disc brake pads offer more formulations than the nearest competitor.  All pads are designed to exactly match the fit, form and function of the vehicle, just like OE pads.  It all adds up to a versatile braking product line that is specifically engineered to provide the dedicated coverage that professionals demand and the most dependable braking performance for customers, regardless of their application.

Not just a repair, a restoration

Ultra Premium disc brake pads perform like a vehicle's original equipment, making NAPA Ultra Premium™ the best choice around.

1.  Guaranteed Quiet

NAPA Ultra Premium™ is designed with exact OE noise dampening characteristics such as specialty chamfers, vibration=dampening dual slots, multi-layer rubber coated shims and corrosion-resistant hardware.  Plus all Ultra Premium™ disc brake pads are backed by a noise-free guarantee for the life of the pads.

2.  OE Performance

Highest quality formulas are application engineered for longer service life and smooth pedal feel.  Specialty materials are available for fleet, police and other demanding applications.

3.  Certified Safe

More independent, industry-leading safety and quality validations than any other brand such as:
SAE-J2784 – An on-car teat that evaluates the entire braking system for each specific application.  This test checks if a friction formulation can pass the U.S. Federal Safety Standard for OE friction material (FMVSS).

E-90 – European mandated test that compares aftermarket friction to OE friction in the areas of pedal force, deceleration, stopping distance, temperature, cold and hot effectiveness, speed sensitivity, shear, compressibility and strength.

NAPA Ultra Premium™ is the best possible choice for any demanding application, for the professional that commands a competitive edge and for the customer who trusts their technician to install exactly what they need, all backed by a Noise Free Guarantee.