Reactive One® Performance Rotor

  • Created with high-carbon damped iron to keep brakes cool, quiet and vibration free
  • Cool Track Vents, which are specially positioned venting grooves
  • Polymer Coating added to the braking surface which reduces corrosion and prevents rust jacking
  • ONYX Guard corrosion protectant applied to every rotor to stop rust and corrosion
      Ultra Premium Rotors
  • Guaranteed installation ready
  • Matched to exact OE characteristics
  • QC100 Venting
  • Level EQ Sound Reducing Technology
  • ONYX Guard corrosion resistant coating
  • More certifications than any other
     Ultra Premium Coated Rotors
  • 100% Polymer coated when specified

      Premium Rotors
  • Increased full-line coverage
  • Non-directional finish
  • OE matched vane configuration
  • Best quality, coverage and price in the category
  • One year warranty