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2013 Bronze Telly

Award Winner



What happens when carefully crafted aesthetics intertwine with unparalleled performance? You get the new Reactive One® Performance Rotor. Created with high-carbon-damped iron to keep brakes cool, quiet and vibration free, these rotors work to offer drivers the most responsive brake pedal they’ll ever feel. Install today and let customers see and feel the revolutionary advantages of Reactive One. 


Cool Track™ Vents
Drivers want brakes that last. The Cool Track™ Vents can increase pad life up to 30% by helping to prevent brake fade and allowing the continual escape of harmful heat and gas.

Polymer Coating
Protecting against edge lift, one of the leading causes of premature brake failure, this special formula covers the rotor surface outside the pad swept area. The durable coating is subjected to a salt spray test per ASTM-B117 regulations to prove its effectiveness in keeping edges and vanes rust free, while allowing optimal air flow and clean open wheel appearance.

ONYX Guard Corrosion Protectant
Subjected to the same ASTM-B117 salt spray test as the Polymer Coating, this protectant is applied to every rotor hat to stop unsightly rust and corrosion.

How does a brake rotor make a difference? By offering increased pad life, enhanced pedal feel and never-before-seen aesthetics. That’s how.

Experience the 3-in-1 advantage. Install Reactive One today.