• Increased full-line coverage
  • Non-directional finish
  • OE matched vane configuration
  • Best quality, coverage and price in the category
  • One year warranty


NAPA Brakes Premium rotors serve a wide range of value-conscious consumers with more than 1,100 SKUs – ensuring you’ll always have access to the part you need when you need it. The vane configurations of NAPA Brakes Premium rotors are designed for optimal cooling. A non-directional finish is applied to remove peaks and directional lines, which could cause noise or brake roughness.

Premium rotors from NAPA Brakes will help drivers maintain the most reliable braking system, as Premium rotors remain constant with OE in the following categories:

  • Heat dissipation
  • Stopping distance
  • Brake fade
  • Rotor and friction wear
  • Reduced noise