Ultra Premium Coated Rotors

  • 100% Polymer Coated
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Certified Safe


The Best Defense Against Rust and Corrosion.

The polymer coating applied to NAPA® Brakes Ultra Premium™ rotors makes them corrosion resistant, so rotor edges and vanes stay cleaner longer, optimizing air flow and product performance. It also helps to prevent rust-jacking, the rust that forms along the outer edges of the pad swept area.

Polymer Coated Icon

100% Ploymer Coated

The specially formulated polymer coating is robotically applied to cover all rotor surfaces for the best protection from outside elements.

Watch the video to see how the coating is robotically applied.

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Corrosion Resistant.

Tested to withstand the harshest environmental elements.

Tropical Storm Lee Flood Rotors Video Icon


These rotors were completely submerged in 10 feet of water for several days during Tropical Strom Lee when the Susquehanna River overflowed its banks.  When the water subsided, the uncoated rotors were covered in a layer of rust. The coated rotors were unaffected.
Photo sent in by a NAPA Store in upstate New York.

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Certified Safe

NAPA® Ultra Premium™ rotors endure stringent validation for both metallurgy and performance to provide consistent, reliable braking at every stop.



Available for newer passenger cars and trucks operating in extreme climates... enduring demanding environmental conditions, severe temperatures and high-humidity.