Brake Systems Analysis and Repair

Course Number: Module I
Duration: 3 Hours
Fee: $1,300
Number of Participants: Unlimited participants (33 people @ $40.00 each approx. $13 per hour, per person)
This seminar is designed for both the advanced technician and the quick study. It covers the practical braking application of hydraulic theory and diagnostic procedures. There is a comprehensive explanation of braking principles, quick take up master cylinders use and operation and power-assist devices. We also discuss the use of pressure regulator valves to control wheel lock up as well as rotor/drum machining techniques and lathe verification procedures. The proper use of friction materials is discussed, along with using friction wear patterns to diagnose and explain why a complete brake job is necessary. You also learn how to eliminate brake noise, brake pedal pulsation, the purpose of low drag calipers and their components and operation. This class also gives you the knowledge to explain the cause of brake noise, and describe the procedure for servicing calipers and wheel cylinders. A test to measure effectiveness and a certificate of completion is given upon successful completion.
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