Brake Systems Diagnosis & Repair, Intro to ABS

Course Number: TC-101
Duration: 4 Days (32 Hours)
Fee: $480 (Includes lunch)
This is one of our most popular courses. It’s an extensive four-day curriculum for the advanced technician, but is also appropriate for a quick study. It includes classroom and hands-on instruction. The program teaches you hydraulic braking theory, brake system dynamics, diagnostics and troubleshooting techniques. There is also an intro to ABS, plus, you take an extensive look at repair techniques and preventive maintenance practices. This course also tackles drum and rotor resurfacing techniques, bench and on-the-car lathe operation and maintenance, along with friction material, brake noise and solutions. The proper use of micrometers and dial indicators is also included. Students also learn diagnosing and correcting total indicated run-out with a variety of methods including indexing rotor-to-hub, brake align shims, on-car lathe and traditional bench lathe.
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